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X3: Albion Prelude (vids and screens and ramblings)

I’ve not done much about X3: AP yet, but lately I’ve been playing it fairly regularly. After owning it for a while I’m finally managing to make some progress in the storyline. Before now I mostly explored and did some trading. Currently I’m well on my way to placing my first space station (I might do that tonight). Here are a few screenshots before I continue rambling:

X3: Albion Prelude is an expansion to the game X3: Terran Conflict which was released by Egosoft in 2008. They’ve updated the graphics since then, added features, and fixed bugs. The visuals are a little dated by now, but they have a new game coming out soon which continues the series and has a major, major improvement in graphics engine. The only other negative to the game I can think of is the clunky UI. I’m fairly certain the older games in the series were designed with joystick users in mind, as was this one, so the UI reflects that design choice.

I prefer to fly my ships with mouse and keyboard controls and have tried both using a joystick and an XBox controller. I’m not as practiced with a joystick as I was when I was younger playing Tie Fighter and Wing Commander games, but honestly each controller choice was pretty easy to pick up.

Lately I’ve been craving sci-fi immersion and exploration which can be quite difficult to find. X3:AP is a true sandbox game which means I do not have to do any forced plot missions, or go on any set path, and though there are a finite number of systems to visit, after 70+ hours I have yet to explore them all. As with most open, sandbox-y games there are plenty of ways to get distracted in-game:

  • Fight space pirates!
  • Fight aliens!
  • Fight any NPC faction
  • Various plot missions at the Argon warfront
  • Manual station trading either remotely or via current ship
  • Automated station trading
  • Asteroid scanning/mining
  • Various random missions from defense, to deliveries, to transporting personnel, building stations, and more
  • Invest in the dynamic stock exchange(s)
  • Form your own combat fleet or fleets
  • Build space complexes to create various goods
  • Become a mega-super-billionaire +1
  • Terrorize weaker ships and goad pilots into bailing–hey, free ship!
  • Trade/smuggle/create illegal goods
  • GAH. More than I can remember, and more than I’ve done by far!

Now for some videos I’ve recorded–I’m not the most fantastic space pilot ever, nor the richest, but I do love the game, the immersion, and inspiration that kindles a spark of real life creativity.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — Haukke Manor

Don’t watch unless you don’t mind spoilers for this dungeon!

I’ve been having a lot of fun on my GLD/PLD lately! I should shorten some more of these videos to show the key parts of the run I suppose. Maybe I’ll do that eventually.


Odin showed up on Balmung and we managed to go offer him some tea. Odin does not like our tea.

FFXIV: ARR – Titan Gets Put in Place… Eventually!

This is our first attempts at taking down Titan. Why am I posting the bits in the video where we wipe? Because this is all part of the learning experience of the game. We went into the fight rather uncertain what to expect and had to figure it out ourselves. I can’t imagine how it must be using the duty finder with all new people who can’t communicate doing this. I think we did well though.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I’ve been playing a lot of FFXIV:ARR lately. I have to say it has been one of the most fun modern MMORPGs I have ever played. It has a lot of gameplay mechanics expected of the genre, a great and responsive UI, and enough challenge to be difficult at times, but difficult to the point where you feel like a badass once the challenge is overcome.

I need to organize my thoughts on the game a bit more, and organize my videos, and screenshots. A good example is the Ifrit fight embedded below, and honestly Ifrit is not as tough as Titan. I’ll post that video in a separate post (it’s still being converted, etc.).

The tiniest mistake, or a modicum amount of bad luck can lead to unexpected deaths, but as the video shows the unexpected death of myself (thaumaturge) and the tank (marauder) led to the awesomely-exacted vengeance from our badass archer and arcanist. And yes, I mean arcanist. Although the duty finder does not let arcanists queue as healers, they can certainly perform the task admirably. For serious.

For more of FFXIV:ARR gameplay (both solo and with my friends/Free Company) check out my youtube channel.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — The Effectsening

I’ll be posting a few videos of gameplay and my thoughts and such, but I’m tired, so I’m just going to post some screenshots of post-processing effects I’ve been tweaking to make the game look more vibrant, plus some other effects added in. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to tweak them to enjoy the look of the game, for I was certainly enjoying it as it was, and the tweaks I’m doing are mostly subtle apart from making things look slightly less saturated, and more vibrant.

These are comparison shots–the left half of the pic is without effects, the right is with effects. These are raw screenshots with no editing:

ffxiv 2013-08-26 21-20-22-62 ffxiv 2013-08-26 19-50-45-69 ffxiv 2013-08-26 19-48-34-83 ffxiv 2013-08-26 13-35-53-43 ffxiv 2013-08-26 12-18-06-69